High Risk Heart Failure Program

High Risk Heart Failure Program

Our Program Can Help You

At no cost to you, CareVio is a care management program that will work with you and your healthcare team to make it easier for you to take care of yourself and stay well.

About Us

We provide evidence-based care plans and individualized case management services to help you with heart failure and cardiology conditions.

We Provide:

  • Education on heart failure and other health problems.
  • Tools to help you better understand your medication.
  • Help with overcoming barriers, creating plans for interventions, and achieving goals.
  • Help with preventative care testing and immunizations.
  • Referrals for cardiology care, palliative care, and/or hospice services, as needed.
  • Support from Social Work and/or Pharmacy as needed.
  • Help with any heart failure symptoms.
  • Support after an Emergency Department visit and/or hospitalization.

This Program Supports You:

  • If you use CareVio.
  • If you visit the Emergency Department or use hospital services often.
  • If you have Heart Failure and any of the following:
    • Use oxygen all the time.
    • Have uncontrolled symptoms.
  • If you are recommended by your doctor or CareVio staff

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For more information, call 302-320-5600 or email carevioreferrals@carevio.org.